“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same – with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.”                                             – Mother Teresa

Like most of us, trustees of Navakarma were benevolent people and each of them had their own personal encounters with people and situations.  They were doing charity in their own way, individually or collectively for a long time.

Way back in early 90s, an encounter with a middle aged insane man and his ailing mother, created a paradigm shift in Ms. Sosamma P Thomas, Managing Trusty of  Navakarma. Like Sosamma, other Founder Trustees too had deep experiences that made them realize “Charity is beyond pity and patronizing. Charity and Karma (duty) are all the same.”  This realization resulted in  the formation of Navakarma Charitable Trust on 8th of July, 2011. The new (nava) karma is charity and “CHARITY NEVER FADES”. Navakarma  is a ‘large family’ where Navakarma team, beneficiaries and their families are its members, irrespective of their caste and creed. The sole intention of this family is the well being of all its members and the society.

Navakarma Founders passed on the spark of Navakarma to their family, friends and well-wishers. Over the years, the spark ignited flames of karma in many and the fire thus formed resulted in more and more members joining the team and the expansion of Navakarma’ s reach to the poor and needy. Every member in the team has something to say about Navakarma or its beneficiaries and the changes Navakarma has brought into their lives. The founder trustees of Navakarma Charitable trust are Sosamma P Thomas, T S Marykutty, A T Annamma, Sosamma Jacob and P J Kochumon.

Very Rev. Mathai Cor-Episcopa who is a disciple of His Grace Pathrose Mar Osthathios, is a great source of inspiration to Navakarma Trust. His presence and prayers generated a lot of positive energy in Navakarma. Despite his old age and ill health, he worked with Navakarma for 3.5 years like an energetic young man, leading Navakarma house visits and providing financial assistance to many beneficiaries. He and his family paid the entire expense for Navakarma office building.

The pillar behind Navakarma team’ s operational success is its youth. Navakarma youth claim that they witness, practice and learn from Navakarma. Youth’s activities include delivery of kits to the beneficiaries;  house visits and identification of beneficiaries. Youths from nearby churches often co-manage the celebrations of Navakarma. Auto-rickshaw’s offer free ride to the beneficiaries from Navakarma office to nearby bus stations.

Navakarma does charity worth around 1 lakh rupees every month and most of it is coming from the well wishers and Navakarma team. First donation for Navakarma came from Rev Mathew Varghese.