A Tribute to my Lord…

I lost my parents when I was only a child. I was brought up by my paternal uncles and aunts. I got married, but husband succumbed to illness and died within 5 years of our marriage, leaving behind me and our two little girls. Left alone with no income and my responsibilities weighed high, life became miserable. I did not know how to hold on to life. By God’s grace, I was soon blessed with a job then and now, my children are grown up and well settled.

While caring for my husband in the Medical College Hospital I had witnessed many sick patients who could just not afford any medicines or even food. My heart ached for these helpless patients and their families but I was in no position to help them.

Once I got the job, I decided to set apart a portion of my income for helping the helpless. Even when all our needs could not be met, I religiously kept apart my share for this mission. Now, since my children are away and settled, I share a major portion of my time, energy and money for helping out the needy through the active involvement in Navakarma Charitable Trust where we work tirelessly to reach out to people in distress with chronic illnesses and no means to help themselves.

My work is a tribute to my Lord, who helped me to sail the rough waters.

Sosamma Jacob, Founder Trustee, Navakarma

whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me…

Navakarma Charitable Trust was formed as the result of combined teamwork of some generous, humane and loving personalities. I strongly believe that God himself directed us along his strenuous path to this charity based trust. Under the leadership of Managing Trustee and other members, trust shows genuineness and transparency in all transactions, especially those related to money. The donations given are fully utilized for the benefits of the poor, helpless and downtrodden, without wasting a single penny for any other purpose.

In the beginning, we provided monetary help to the poor and suffering families. Later we understood that the money we gave might be spent in other ways than buying food, medicine and meeting day-to-day expenses.  Instead of money, we started providing food and other provisions  to families having ailing members with no means to earn.

For last 19 years, I am interested in genuine charity work. I got this interest from my parents and because I want to obey God’s words from Bible,

” The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’. ”           – Mathew 25:40

I always believe that we should not get attracted to worldly pleasures too much. We should help others with whatever means we have. God has given us everything to share with others and He is watchful of what we do with His gifts. Preaching is good for the soul, but practice is needed for body and mind.

May God Almighty bless us all to make this venture a great success.

Marykutty T.S, Founder Trustee, Navakarma

I have to do something for my fellow beings…

It was in 1967 while I was studying in Aluva Union Christian College, a small black boy knocked on the window of my hostel room and asked “Kochamma…… I am very hungry. Please give me something to eat…” As we were prohibited by hostel rules to not aid feed urchins, I drove him away. But the face of that small boy haunted me for many days. Some weeks later, I happened to visit a nearby dalit colony as a part of College Social Service League. I was astounded by the pathetic conditions of small children and old sick people who lived in small huts. Then an inner voice urged me that I have to do something for such fellow beings. My friends and I tried to help them by giving new clothes, books etc.…, but we could not continue that for long.

I have also witnessed my mother’s charity to her poor neighbours who were in distress. She used to give them food, dress and money in spite of not having much to spare.

After my studies, I got Job and got married. I was busy with my official duties and house hold affairs. After retirement, while I was brooding over spending my time fruitfully, my ambition to help my less fortunate fellow beings resurrected again. My friends, Sosamma P Thomas, Marykutty and Sosamma Jacob also had the same attitude. So, I joined hands with them and hence Navakarma Charitable Trust was formed. At Navakarma, we are not just helping the poor, but we actually adopting the families of the beneficiaries and help them in their various needs and share their joy and grief.

AT Annamma, Founder Trusty, Navakarma

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