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Aug 2023

Onam 2023 and Annual Day Celebrations@ Navakarma

The 13th Annual meeting and Onam festival of Navakarma Trust was conducted on Saturday, 26th August 2023 at the premises of John Bhavan, Pattasseril, Nedumavu.

Sri Mathew Jacob, Punnathara, retired sales tax officer, presided over the meeting and Very.Rev P.A.Thomas cor-episcopa, director, Shepherd valley, Vazhoor inaugurated the meeting. Sri Vipinachandran Nair, Member Pallickathodu Grama Panchayath, Sri Giby, Podipparackal,Member Vazhoor Grama panchayath, Rev.Fr Kuriakose Mani, Vicar, St.Peter’s Church, Vazhoor, Sri Jayakrishnan,Vice President, Wheelchair Association, Alappuzha, Sri Joseph Kuruvilla, president,Merchant’s Association, Pulickalkavala offered greeting messages. Smt Shiril P.Kurien member of Ente Keralam Whatsapp group presented awards to the Navakarma family students who passed 10th and 12th classes.

Smt. Suman John, Teacher, St. Mary’s Public school, Puthuppally led the quiz program. The games conducted added elegance to the festive occasion of the meeting. The onam songs of Navakarma family members were really appealing and praiseworthy. The presence and the interaction of the youth, the members of Vanitha Samajam of St. John’s Orthodox church, Pampady as well as the members of St. Mary’s Orthodox church, Pangada deserve a special appreciation for making the whole program a grand success.

Navakarma extends its heartfelt gratitude to all its well-wishers who helped us by cash or kind and Navakarma family members who helped and co-operated to make the program a great success.

Aug 2023 : Navakarma Onam
Aug 2023 : Navakarma Onam


May 2023:

Distribution of Educational Materials @ Navakarma

A meeting was conducted for distribution of educational material to students of Navakarma family on 24-05-2023 in the premises of John Bhavan, Pattasseril, Nedumavu. Meeting began at 10 a.m. presided over by Mr.Lalu K.Varghese (Demonstrator, Junior Technical School, Velloor, Pampady). Ms. Anee Kuruvilla, Secretary of the Trust welcomed the gathering. Rev Fr. Mathew Varghese, Vicar St. John’s Cathedral, Pampady inaugurated the function. Mr. Vipinachandran, Member, Pallickathodu Gramapanchayath and Mr. Issac, Pastor St.James C.S.I Church, Nedumavu felicitated.

Mr. George Abraham, who has worked previously as Faculty in South Africa, conducted motivation classes for the students and parents. Psychologist Ms.Vineetha Anil conducted orientation classes for students and parents separately. Educational materials like bag, umbrella, book etc were distributed to 75 students. Various programs such as singing songs, quiz competition, puzzles etc were arranged by the Trust for entertainment. Meeting came to an end with vote of thanks by Ms. Rachel John and the national anthem.

Mazhathully and Kerala WhatsApp groups sponsored part of the materials and attended the program. Some other well wishers also contributed through Ms. Rachel John, Puthenpurayil, Vazhoor.

Dec 2022:

Christmas Celebration 2022 @ Navakarma

Christmas 2022

Dec 2022 : Christmas Celebrations
Dec 2022 : Christmas Celebrations

Sep 2022:

Onam and Annual Day Celebration @ Navakarma

God has destined this auspicious occasion of annual meeting and Onam celebrations of Navakarma families, for giving them an opportunity to reunite together after a gap of two years.

Twelfth annual meeting and Onam celebrations of Navakarma Trust was conducted on 6th September, 2022 at 9am in the premises of Pattasseril John Bhavan, Nedumavu. Before the public meeting variety entertainments ie arts and games were conducted.

The public meeting, which was presided over by Shri George Varghese, retired state tax officer, began with the prayer song of Athullya Krishnan and Divya Krishnan, which offered a good start for the meeting. Managing Trustee, Mrs Sosamma P. Thomas warmly welcomed the audience. After the presidential address , Rev Fr Anish K Sam, secretary to the supreme head of Orthodox Sabha ie the Catholicos of Orthodox Sabha, inaugurated the meeting by lighting the lamp. Smt Annie Kuruvilla, Secretary to the Trust presented the report. After that Rev. Fr. Paulose Ninan, Vicar of St.Thomas Orthodox church, Pyngana, Mundakkayam rendered the blessings speech, Rev Fr. Kurian Scariah, Vicar of St.Paul’s orthodox church, Nedumavu greeted the audience, inaugurated the distribution of ‘Onakodi’ and Rev Fr. Markose Markose, Vicar St.Mary’s Orthodox Church, Chettadom, blessed the occasion and inaugurated the distribution of ‘Ona kit’. After that Smt Shafy Sajeev, member Ponkkunnam Grama Panchayath greeted the audience, congratulated the Navakarma family students who passed 10th and 12th standards ,and presented awards to them. Smt Rachel John gave the vote of thanks. The songs of Amaya Susan Aji and Anaya Susan Aji added to the integrity of the meeting.

The whole meeting came to a halt with the musical knots of National Anthem. After the meeting and Onam feast, food articles for September 2022, Onam kits and Onakodi were distributed among the Navakarma family members.

Those who could not attend the meeting due to illness were given food materials of September 2022, Onam festival articles including onakodi at their residence.

We thank all invitees, and those who worked hard to make the meeting a great success, especially youth movement members of St. John’s Cathedral Pampady, parish members of St.George Orthodox Church, Pangada, and members of Marthamariam Samajam St. Thomas Orthodox church, Pyngana, Mundakkayam. Our thanks to those who offered new dress materials, food articles and monetary aid to make the meeting a great success is praise worthy and beyond words.

Sep 2022 - Onam and Annual Day Gathering
Sep 2022 – Onam and Annual Day Gathering

May 2022:

Education Aid for children @ Navakarma

The distribution of educational materials and counselling classes for the children of Navakarma families for the year 2022-23 was convened on 14/05/2022 , Saturday at 10 am at Nedumavu Pattasseril John Bhavan premises, presided over by Rev Fr. Kuriakose Mani , Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Pulickalkavala. The meeting began with prayer and the Managing Trustee warmly welcomed the audience. Rev. Kurien Zachariah, Vicar   St. Paul’s Orthodox Church, Nedumavu inaugurated the meeting . Mrs. Annie Kuruvilla( Rtd. Head Mistress)conducted counselling classes for the children which was really creative and praiseworthy.

The experiences of Sri. Alen K Babu and his brother Aman K Babu in getting admission to the Engineering course through their continuous hard work and study, shared by Alen K Babu, was really motivating and served as a guiding force to the budding little ones.

Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mani distributed educational materials like bag, book, umbrella, etc to 68 students out of 39 families of Navakarma. Various entertaining programs for and by the students as well as the musical treat by Mrs. Molly Abraham, trust member add to the aesthetic integrity of the programme.

The whole meeting came to an end with thanksgiving by Smt. Rachel John, trust member, accompanied by National Anthem. We thank all who helped in cash or kind to buy and distribute educational materials and also those who made all other arrangements for supplying food for all present on the occasion.

May 2022 - Padanopakaranam distribution inauguration
May 2022 – Padanopakaranam distribution inauguration

Dec 2021:

Christmas 2021 @ Navakarma

The covid-19 pandemic was a predicament for the 2021 Christmas celebrations of Navakarma family. However, we were able to visit 117 families and give Christmas special delicacies i.e., Appam, Curry and a Christmas cake to Navakarma family members on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December 2021. By God’s grace, along with that we were able to give them new garments and wished all of them Christmas and New Year Greetings.

We express our sincere gratitude towards each and every one for their valuable support, offering and prayers.

Oct- Nov 2021

Relief Operations in landslide affected areas of Kootikal and Mundakayam

We, the members of the Navakarma family visited the areas ravaged by landslide in Kootikal and Mundakayam areas in Kottayam district to lend a helping hand to the people in distress. We provided those in the relief camps with some new clothes,  food items, kitchen utensils  to the extend that was possible by us. We thank each and everyone for their timely contributions and thank God for making this possible.

Oct 2021 - Heading for Mundakayam,to the Relief Camps on Oct 26
Oct 2021 – Heading for Mundakayam, to the Relief Camps on Oct 26

Aug 2021:

Onam 2021 in Navakarma

By the grace of God Navakarma Charitable Trust distributed food materials and clothes to its beneficiaries during Onam 2021, even amid the COVID disastrous condition. 118 families were part of the Navakarma in August 2021. The volunteers distributed regular food supplies along with Onam special materials and  new clothes ( Onakodi)  to 113 of its members on the 16th,17th and 18th of August 2021. For the five families who are geographically challenging to reach, money was transferred to their account and clothes were  sent via parcel.

The Onam function and gathering was not conducted owing to the spread of Covid19 .

We thank each and every one who helped us, and we keep everyone in our daily prayers.

– Navakarma Sorting process Team

Aug 2021 – Initial batch of Onam kits ready for distribution

Sep 2020:

Onam @Navakarma

Sep 2020 - Preparing Onam Kits for Distribution
Sep 2020 – Preparing Onam Kits for Distribution

Dec 2019:

Christmas Program 2019

Christmas celebration of Navakarma Charitable Trust for 2019 was conducted on 21-12-2019 at 10 am in the premises of John Bhavan, Pattasseril, Nedumavu.

Dec 2019 - Message by Santa
Dec 2019 – Message by Santa

Sep 2019:

Onam and Annual Day Celebrations

The 8th Annual day celebration and Onam celebration for 2019 was
conducted on 9th September 2019 in John Bhavan Pattasseril, Nedumavu, Kottayam at 10 am. Rev. Fr. Issac Mathew inaugurated the meeting. Key note address was delivered by Rev. Fr. Jacob Kurien. Very. Rev. E.K George Cor – Episcopa gave the blessing speech. Rev. Fr. Paul Abraham , Rev. Fr. Alex Kaduvumbhagam & Smt. Jayasree Kartha also gave messages. Sri. M. Manoharan (Facilitator, Planning, Kottayam District) conducted a
class for the audience.

Sep 2019 - Annual Meeting
Sep 2019 – Annual Meeting

June 2019:

Educational Materials Distribution

Educational aid was provided to 70 students of Navakarma family on 1st June 2019.

June 2019 - Educational Materials Segregation
June 2019 – Educational Materials Segregation

Dec 2018:

Christmas Program 2018

Christmas celebration of Navakarma Charitable Trust for 2018 was conducted on 22-12-2018 at 10 am in the premises of John Bhavan, Pattasseril, Nedumavu.

Dec 2018 - Christmas Celebration
Dec 2018 – Christmas Celebration

The meeting was presided by Mrs. Marykutty T.S. Sri. Gopakumar, President, Farmers Co-operative Bank, Pallickathodu inaugurated the meeting by lighting the lamp. Rev. Fr. Cyriac Valyiaparambil, Vicar, St.Mary’s Catholic Church , Pulickal Kavala, Vazhoor gave the Christmas message. Rev. Fr. Mathew, Pottukulam, Holy cross Malankara Reeth Church, Nedumavu gave the greeting message. Rev.Fr. Kuriakose Mani, Vicar St.Thomas Orthodox Church, Mundakkayam facilitated the occasion by inaugurating the cake distribution. Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese , Vicar of St. George Orthodox Catholicate Center, Parathodu also attended the meeting. Members of 87 Navakarma family attended the meeting and the volunteers of the Trust visited 25 families. The members of St.Mary’s Orthodox Church, Kanam and the Volunteers of Navakarma sang beautiful melodious Christmas songs. Carols were sung by Navakarma Volunteers and members of Kanam St.Marys Church. All members who attended the meeting were served noon-meals and Christmas cake packets.

May 2018:

Education Aid for academic year ‘2018-19’

Distribution of educational materials ( bags, umbrellas, books, etc. ) to the students of Navakarma family was conducted at 2 pm on 26/5/2018. The meeting was presided by Smt. T. S. Marykutty, Trustee. Smt. Anee Kuruvilla, Secretary welcomed the gathering. Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese, inaugurated the meeting and Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Eapen  felicitated the audience.

Sri. Arun T.S, CEO, Filanza Infosec Pvt Ltd took an awareness class for the students internet and the social media.

Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mani inaugurated the distribution of the educational materials to the students. Smt. Mariamma Thomas gave the Vote of thanks. The meeting ended with the National anthem.

May 2018 Education Aid Distribution
May 2018 – Education Aid Distribution

Jan 2018:

Visit to Attappady

The members of the Navakarma Charitable Trust visited the St. Gregorious Bala Bhavan and St. Mary’s Balika Bhavan, run by the St. Thomas Ashram, Attappady on 8th and 9th of January 2018. Very. Rev. Yuhanon Remban and Rev.Fr. Varghese Mathew in charge of the Ashram gave us a hearty welcome. We distributed dress and sweets to the children of the Bhavan. Motto of these Bhavans is to uplift and educate the children and only Adivasi children are admitted. We also visited the St. Gregorious English medium school, the “Digitalised smart school” which offers free education to the adivasi students. We also visited the only school in Kerala which teaches “robotic science”.

Jan 2018 - with Adivasi children
Jan 2018 – with Adivasi children

We visited the “oors” of the Adivasis, interacted with them and gave them dress and sweets.

We visited Thadakom Ashram founded by Bishop Harbert Paccanham Walsh. The love and warmth of the inmates and authorities of the Ashrams encourage us to proceed a long way in our mission to uplift the poor and helpless with more confidence and determination.

We thank Very.Rev. Yuhanon Remban and Rev.Fr. Varghese Mathew at St. Thomas Ashram, Attappady and Very.Rev. Yacob Remban and Rev.Fr.N.M. George at Thadakom Ashram for the help and co-operation extended to us.

Dec 2017:

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations of Navakarma family for 2017 was conducted in the premises of John Bhavan Pattasseril at 10 am on 23-12-2017. The programme began with solemn prayer song.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Anee Kuruvilla retired head mistress. The welcome speech was given out by Mrs. Sosamma P. Thomas, Managing Trustee. Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese, Vicar St. George Orthodox church, Parathodu inaugurated the celebration by lighting the lamp and delivered the inaugural speech. Mrs. Anee Kuruvilla gave the presidential address.

Christmas message was shared by Rev. Fr. Santhosh Mathew, Vicar of St. Johns C.S.I Baptist Church, Pallom and the co-ordinator of the palliative care unit, Pallom. Fr. Santhosh started the cake distribution by giving a cake to           Mr. Raman Rajappan.

Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Eapen, Vicar, St.Pauls Church, Nedumavu and Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mani, Vicar, St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Mundakkayam gave felicitation speeches.

Dec 2017 - Christmas Celebrations Inauguration
Dec 2017 – Christmas Celebrations Inauguration

Family members of the Trust sang harmonious songs and rejoiced the audience. The carol and choir service of the O.C.Y.M, Kanam was melodious and captured the whole attention of the audience. As usual, Christmas fathers entertained the whole audience by offering sweets to all and wishing happy Christmas and New year.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Annamma Varghese. The programme came to an end by 12.30 p.m. after the members singing the national anthem.

During 18th and 19th of December 2017, volunteers of the Navakarma visited 25 houses of the bedridden and the distressed at different places who could not attend the Christmas celebration. The volunteers comforted them by assuring Navakarma is always with them. They offered them Christmas cakes and wished all of them Happy Christmas and New year.

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Sep 2017:

Visit to Adivasi Colony

Under the leadership of the sisters of Bethany convent, Ranni, Navakarma volunteers visited the Adivasi colony near Perunadu on 11th Sep, 2017. Clothes and snacks were distributed. It was a joyful occasion and Navakarma is happy to have been able to put a smile on their faces.

Sep 2017 - Visit to Adivasi Colony
Sep 2017 – Visit to Adivasi Colony

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6th Annual Celebration and  Onam Celebration

The 6th Annual Celebration and  Onam Celebration of Navakarma Charitable Trust were conducted on 2nd September, 2017 at ‘John Bhavan, Pattasseril, Nedumavu, Vazhoor’. The meeting started at 9.30 A.M. with an opening prayer by Rev. Fr. M.K.Philip.

Prayer was followed by a motivational class for the Navakarma family members led by Sri. Cherian Varghese . During the time of the class, children of the Navakarma family were kept engaged by Mrs. Reni P Eliyas by a fun filled entertainment  session.  This boosted their morale and confidence. At 11:00 AM General Body Meeting started with a prayer song. Mrs.Sosamma P. Thomas, the Managing Trustee of Navakarma Charitable Trust welcomed the gathering. Then, Mrs.Elsy George presented the Report. The meeting was presided by Mrs. Anee Kuruvila and inaugurated  by Very. Rev.George Cor-Episcopa by lightening the lamp. On this occasion, Rev. Fr. Thomas George gave a blessed speech. Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese, Rev. Fr. Kuruvila Eapen and Sri. Benny felicitated the occasion. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mathew inaugurated the Onakody distribution and Rev. Fr. Varghese Jacob inaugurated the Onam kit distribution. The students of Navakarma family who passed 10 th and 12 th class  exams with flying colours were honoured by Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mani. Mrs. Ashna Sajan who secured first rank in M.Sc. was also honoured. Mrs.Rachel John gave the Vote of Thanks.

‘Navakarma’ is grateful to all who have helped us financially as well as with their presence. Navakarma thank   ”Almighty God” who brought us this far in our journey.

Inauguration of 6th Annual Meeting

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May 2017 :

Education Kits for academic year ‘2017-18’ were distributed to 69 children of Navakarma family on 27th May 2017.

May 2017 - Education Kit Packing
May 2017 – Education Kit Packing

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December 2016 :

Christmas celebration of Navakarma Charitable trust was conducted on 24-12- 2016, 10 am at the parish hall of (annexe) St.Pauls Valiyapally Nedumavu.
Rev. Fr. Mathew Varghese,Vicar of St.George Orthodox Catholicate Centre, Parathodu inaugurated the meeting by lighting the lamp. Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mani, Vicar of St.John’s Cathedral, Pampady gave the Christmas message. Sri. Jacob Kurien inaugurated the cake distribution to the beneficiaries. The members of St.Mary’s Church, Kanam sang melodious Carol songs. It was an entertaining event. Members of the Navakarma family also sang beautiful songs. Lunch was served. Christmas cake and rice packages were given.  The solemn occasion came to an end at 12.30 pm.
Christmas Celebrations
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September 2016 :
Navakarma’s fifth annual day celebration and onam celebration was conducted on 10-9-2016 at St.Paul’s parish hall, Nedumavu. Smt T.S.Marykutty, one of the trustees presided over the meeting. The meeting was inaugurated by Sr.Yulithi(S.I.C), Hannabhavan, Kottayam.
Keynote address was delivered by H.G.Dr. Yuhanon Mar Deeascorus. Felicitation speeches were done  by Fr.Mathew  Varghese, Fr.Varghese Markose, Fr.Kuriakose Eapen, Fr.Kuriaksose Mani, Iv. Johnson K Joseph & Sri. Prasad Mattathil. Onakody and onam kits were distributed after the meeting. Motivational class for adults was conducted by Sri.Abraham Kurien (Director, Life Tree Foundation, Kottayam) and to children by Ms.Sudhi Mary Thomas.
Sep 2016 - 5th Annual Day and Onam celebration Key Note Address
5th Annual Day and Onam Celebration Key Note Address
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July 2016 :

The Koodasa of Navakarma’s Home for Sheltering the Poor was held on 4th July 2016 and the key was handed over as license to stay for an year .

Navakarma's Home for Sheltering the poor
Navakarma’s Home for Sheltering the poor
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June 2016 :

Education Aid for academic year ‘2016-17’ were distributed to 69 children of Navakarma family.

Education aid distribution Meeting- June 2016
Education aid distribution Meeting
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March 2016:

Navakarma Charitable Trust has been providing food, medicines and necessary support to the people in need from July 2011.

In recognition to Navakarma’s efforts, Mathrubhumi Grihalakshmi Vedi, Kottayam District awarded Best Social Worker – 2016 Award to Smt. Sosamma P. Thomas, Managing Trustee of Navakarma Charitable Trust.

According to her, this award is the result of the support, hard work, co-operation and selfless service of every member of Navakarma family and all its well wishers who support Navakarma financially as well as physically, setting apart money and time from their regular needs.

Navakarma Charitable Trust congratulates Smt. Sosamma Thomas for this achievement and thank each and every one, who have associated with Navakarma.

Grihalakshmi Award - 2016 for Best Social Worker
Grihalakshmi Award – 2016 for Best Social Worker