Navakarma Charitable Trust was founded in July, 2011 by four women, retired from Kerala State Electricity Board. Since then, the trust has been providing food, medicine, and necessary support to the people in need. Navakarma Trust has 255 beneficiaries as on Oct, 2015 who are mainly orphans, differently-abled, mentally challenged, accident victims, the blind, the old and people suffering from cancer, heart, liver & kidney ailments.  Navakarma also facilitates rehabilitation, education and counselling to the beneficiaries and their families. Assistance  for 145 beneficiaries has been discontinued due to their demise or them becoming self-reliant.

Beneficiaries are selected through a three tier verification process. Anyone who requires help from Navakarma can submit an application for assistance.  Navakarma team will visit the residence of the applicant; assess the needs and submit their assessment to the managing committee. Based on its merit, managing committee will decide the type of assistance and communicate the decision to the general body which meets every month. Once managing committee approves an application, applicant becomes a beneficiary of Navakarma.

Every month, Navakarma provides Essentials Kit to its beneficiaries whose type of assistance covers food.  Navakarma team collects pulses, coffee powder, vegetables, sugar, oil, soap, milk powder and certain other basic necessities from market at wholesale prices or from the well-wishers. Team will weigh and divide these items into separate kits based on the requirement of each beneficiary.  These Essentials Kits  are delivered to certain collection points from where beneficiaries collect them. In certain cases, kits are delivered at the door step of beneficiaries. In addition to Essential Kits, Navakarma provides Survival Kits to children suffering from malnutrition and cancer patients who are anaemic after chemotherapy. Survival Kits consists of milk powder, millet (ragi), Ensure and Horlicks.

Beneficiaries  can collect medicines free of cost from two medical shops where Navakarma pays for their medicines.  The cost of dialysis, scanning, lab tests and medicines which are not available in the two medical shops are also reimbursed based on the bills.

Based on the economic conditions of beneficiaries, Navakarma pays rent or does the maintenance of their houses. Navakarma collects old furniture, mattress, wheel chairs, air/water beds and provides to beneficiaries after doing the necessary repair. Navakarma collects old or new cloths and bed sheets to distribute among its beneficiaries.

Navakarma limits direct financial assistance to beneficiaries. At the same time, Navakarma provides assistance  to start small businesses.

Navakarma empowers the beneficiaries and their families. Navakarma has a lot of focus on children.  Educational assistance is provided to the deserved; school kits are given at the beginning of every year and counselling sessions are conducted . Special sessions are conducted to identify the potential within the limits of beneficiaries and to use it for the benefit of themselves and their family. Fees for few nursing students are provided by  well-wishers of Navakarma. Navakarma is very keen in getting such sponsorship from noble minds .

Navakarma celebrates Onam, Christmas and Annual day along with beneficiaries and well-wishers. Special kits and dress are provided in such festive occasions. Navakarma connects with its beneficiaries frequently to ensure their welfare and well being. Navakarma  calls  all its beneficiaries  every week. Navakarma team has set apart 2 days a week to visit the homes of beneficiaries and spend quality time with them. In a year, Navakarma team visits all beneficiaries at least thrice.

Navakarma brings happiness amidst the difficulties in society.