Remembering Lijo…

My son Lijo (25) was diagnosed with brain tumour while he was working and taking care of our family. Surgery was done immediately to remove the tumour. Karunya Nilayam was giving us accommodation and lunch free of cost during our visits to the hospital for follow ups. We are thankful to them.

Doctor suggested Lijo to undergo different types of scanning and 30 rounds of radiation. But, we were unable to bear the cost. During that period, Navakarma team came to Karunya Nilayam and enquired about our situation. Next day, they gave us money for scanning and medicines. Navakarma team was continuously giving money for his treatment and providing nutritious food. They used to visit him and pray for him. Navakarma gave money to set up a shop for him. Navakarma Trust was helping us for 4 years. We are highly indebted to them.

My son has gone to his heavenly adobe on 9th April 2014. Navakarma team attended his funeral and consoled us. I pray to God to enable Navakarma to help many sick people. My son will be happy to see all the good work of Navakarma from heaven and he may be praying for Navakarma. I am praying for his soul as well. Prayers of our family will be always with Navakarma

Leelamma, Marutikatil, Vechuchira.

Our Experience

Our Shop
Our Shop

I stay with my ailing husband in Pampadi, Kottayam . The failing health, economic instability along with neglect from our own children rendered us mentally depressed. Not knowing how to push our lives forward, I approached Navakarma Charitable Trust in Nedumavu around seven months back and shared my problems. Navakarma listened to my problems empathetically and visited our house after a few days.

Navakarma was ready to handhold us at this stage when even our children had abandoned us. Navakarma opened a small shop as means of our livelihood . They provide grocery to us every month, as the meagre income we now generate through our shop is sufficient for the medicines alone.

May the Lord Almighty bless and keep Navakarma and its members.

Sarassamma Narayanan, Kuttiyaanikkal House, Kothala P.O, Pampady.

Note. Navakarma awarded them with a cash prize of Rs.1150 during the Annual General Body Meeting held in August 2015 for keeping the shop up and functioning.

We are Alive Today

Our relationship with Navakarma is beyond words. We lost our father at an early age and mother was seriously ill. We could not afford medicines or even food. We were small girls with no friends or relatives to help, console or provide moral support. In spite of us being total strangers to them, Navakarma team provided all the necessary help. Thanks to Navakarma – we are alive today. We extend our deep gratitude and love to all those who provided help, food, medicines and words of consolation to us.

Less than 5 women started Navakarma to help the poor with their limited means. Now, it has grown in to a trust that is helping hundreds of people. We are very happy about that. We are praying to the God to provide blessings to Navakarma trust to provide more help to the needy.

Krishnapriya & Vishnupriya, Krishnavilasam, Anikkadu, Kottayam.

Note. Krishnapriya has got a job in a textile shop. Navakarma has stopped assistance to them. Navakarma helped them for 8 years.

Happiness in Our Life

My Dear Ones
My Dear Ones

Disaster, Difficulty and Illness are part of life. Illness often offset our finances and take our life to cross roads. I met Navakarma in one such situation when my family had lost all our hope in life.

Me, my husband, our three children and my mother in law live in Chenampally, Kumbady. My youngest son has Cerebral Palsy from his birth and he cannot speak or walk. My husband was also sick.

Medical expenses for my son and husband was more than 1500 a month. As we could not afford our regular and medical expenses together, we stopped the medicines. Navakarma came to help us at this juncture. They are providing us with medicines, food and clothes. They have brought back happiness in our life.

Let God almighty bless the trust and provide them double of what they gave others.

Deenama Anil, Payikkatu Vayalil House, Chennampally, Pampady PO, Kottayam.

Education Aid from Navakarma

My husband has expired after being paralyzed for nine years. I am also a patient and cannot work. I have three children who are students. The members of Navakarma Trust have been visiting my house regularly and giving all the necessary help required for the education of my children for the last four years.

Gracy Joseph, Njarackamattom, Mamood.

Small Beautiful house

House Handed Over
House Handed Over

When Navakarma team visited me three years back I was paralysed and living in a small hut with not even the basic facilities.

Navakarma substituted it with a small beautiful house.

They are also providing me with food kits and medicines since then.

I thank Navakarma for all their love and care.

Sasidharan, Arembumala, Pangada.

Navakarma Provides

For the last four months Navakarma trust has been providing food for my family, consisting of my brother, son and bedridden mother Janaki.

Thankamma, Paremmackal, Anicadu

Note. Thankamma and her brother are mental patients. Her son is mentally challenged.

Freed from fear

Maintenance Work - In Progress
Maintenance Work

From when my husband expired, I was living in a house without doors, windows and flooring with my two children and no one for help and support. The Navakarma trust repaired my house. Now I can live there without fearing antisocial elements.

They are giving us food and education support. They also try to motivate my kids and promote their aptitude by providing cash awards.

Navakarma helped me at a very critical stage in our lives.

Remani Madhu, Kuttikattpadom, Mattakkara.

Part of Navakarma family from Beginning

Monthly Essentials Kit - Delivered
Monthly Essentials Kit – Delivered

I am a chronic cancer, heart, and kidney patient. My family consists of two small children and wife. I live in a rented house.

Right from the beginning of Navakarma Trust, volunteers visit us frequently to give food, medicines, rent, educational assistance and moral support. I am blessed to be a part of the Navakarma family.

Koshy Mathew, Kanjiravila, Pulickalkavala.



Grateful to Navakarma

My daughter

My husband was bedridden after an accident and expired two years back. I live with my son and daughter who are mental patients. My daughter is unable to walk and moves around on her haunches. I am an old lady of 78 years and was worried about our day to day existence.

Navakarma consoled me and they distribute food kits and medicines every month from 2011. I am very much grateful to the Navakarma Trust.

Kunjamma Damodaran,Thakadiyil, Anicadu.

Assistance from Navakarma

I am bedridden for the last nine years due to an accident and on prolonged treatment. I have no house. Me along with my wife, mother and two daughters are living with my brother. My mother is a heart patient. Navakarma trust is helping us by providing food, clothes, medicine and educational assistance for the last three years.

Madhu, Valliathathyl, Arumanoor.


Testimonies of Beneficiaries