Me, and my friends, Rijo, Shiva, Jobin, Rahul, Arun and Libin have a great satisfaction to work as a part of Navakarma Charitable Trust.

There are so many families around us who are suffering from illness, poverty and loneliness. We came to know about the extent of this sad truth only after joining Navakarma Trust.

As part of the trust, we assist trustees in many activities which include providing medicines and food to Navakarma beneficiaries. During our house visits, we see the transformation of beneficiaries due to the constant assistance and support from Navakarma. This gives us immense happiness. We witness the good work; practice the same and learn a lot about life.

We pray for Navakarma trust to do its charity even better.

God bless all.

Renjith PV. for Navakarma Youth.

We Witness, Practice and Learn