They will not come back and nor could I serve them again…

Years back, like many of us, I had to take care of my mother and in-laws. I felt it like a burden then. Now, they all have passed away. Now, I feel that I could have been tenderer and caring to them and these thoughts haunts me often. They will not come back and nor could I serve them again.

During this time, the managing Trustee of Navakarma Charitable Trust, requested me to join Navakarma. I started to get involved in trust activities – identifying the unattended, old and sick patients; visiting their homes and giving them the necessary support. I felt this charitable activity, a part of worship and a penance to what I have not done for my in-laws and mother. This gives me immense mental satisfaction.

Mercy, Trustee, Navakarma.

All we care is the well-being of Society…

Right from my childhood, it caused a deep pain in me to see my fellow beings suffering from diseases with no means to buy their medicines. I always wanted to lend a helping hand to them.

My son was hired as a driver by Navakarma on several occasions. He suggested me to take part in their activities for a day. The scenes I witnessed were extremely saddening. I decided to dedicate my energy and time for Navakarma’s activities for the rest of my life.

Navakarma has a bunch of people with heart full of love and a mind to care others. Here, there is no division based on caste, religion, beliefs or one’s color. All we care for is the well-being of the sick and needy in the society.

Ganaga Vishwanathan, Trustee, Navakarma.

To Reach Out to the Helpless

My first association with Navakarma Charitable Trust was on 23rd December 2013.  I was invited to attend the Christmas Celebrations by the Managing Trustee. When I saw Navakarma team and its beneficiaries, I decided to be a part of Navakarma Charitable Trust so that I can reach out to the helpless.

I along with my family is an active member of Navakarma and all its activities.

We will also try to bring in others in to the Trust

Rachel John Puthenpurayil, Trustee, Navakarma.

Difficulties, Tsunami & Sick People

 When I was in 7th standard, India China war was going on and there was absolute scarcity of food in our society. Some students came to school without food and fainted at the School Assembly ground. I shared my food with them. The head master noticed and appreciated my deed. This prompted me to develop a positive approach towards charity.

After my husband’s death, I had to overcome many difficulties. I along with my daughter, husband and their kid escaped from the mighty tsunami of 2006. Such incidents made me think about the meaning of life. I decided to spend the rest of my life for the destitute. But implementation of decision was not happening. Later, my son in law became seriously ill and had to spend many days in different hospitals. During those days, I happened to come face to face with the pathetic situations of different patients and their relatives. This encounter again guided me to take up charity work seriously. I shared my thoughts with the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Bittu K Mani who in turn introduced me to Navakarma charitable trust. I was very much impressed by the way it functions.

Elisy George Marottippuzha, Member, Navakarma.

Blessed is the one who has concern for helpless people. The Lord will rescue him in times of trouble.”  – Psalm 41:1, Bible.

This verse urged me to join the Navakarma charitable work

Annamma Markose Edakkara, Member, Navakarma.

Following an accident, I had various ailments for 2 years. I confronted with various difficult situations which led me to get in touch with Navakarma Trust. Navakarma upgraded my life. Now, I am happy to be a part of the trust that serves the destitute and unprivileged. 

Sajeev Sebastian Mukkattu Kavungal, SN Puram.

As a part of regular house visits of the trust, I happened to visit twin sisters studying in 10th standard who were taking care of their widowed mother, critically ill with cancer. They alternately stayed back to look after their mother and attended classes. It touched my heart and inspired me to join the activities of Navakarma.

Prema Jacob Mannathippara, Member, Navakarma.

Reason for joining Navakarma Charitable trust is because I desired to visit patients; talk about their welfare and comfort and to give mental support. Navakarma involves into all the fields of my desire.

Mariamma Markose Chirayil. Member, Navakarma.

We personally came to understand Navakarma functions. The co-operation among members and their dedication impressed us. The way they were finding the beneficiaries and fulfilling their needs to a certain extent motivated our family to work for the charitable trust.

P K Thomas and Lalitha Thomas Panachayil, Members, Navakarma.

I was participating in the Wednesday prayers at Church. We used to visit the sick and the poor. There, I heard about Navakarma charitable trust and was fascinated with its functioning – inquiring the actual state of beneficiaries and helping them in their various needs and sharing their happiness and sorrows.

Annamma Varghese Mannoopparambil, Member, Navakarma.

I am a patient destined to spend my life on a wheel chair. My turmoil as a patient helped me understand the responsibility to help the equally unfortunate. This understanding prompted me to join Navakarma. I do whatever service I can while being confined to my home. I enjoy the positive energy from Navakarma.

Ninankunju Elanjimattom, Adhoc Committee Member, Navakarma.

In 2013, I happened to participate in the Onam celebration of Navakarma charitable trust. I could understand its various activities and the dedicated mentality of its members so I was interested in joining the trust.

Sosamma Thomas Mannooparambil, Member, Navakarma.

My heart rejoice when I see the consolation and satisfaction in the faces of the beneficiaries on receiving the help from the Trust. I am a participant in the activities of Navakarma trust from its very beginning.

Annamma Thomas Elanjimattom, Member, Navakarma.

Why we are with Navakarma?